proCO Excel

Post with just one mouse click! With proCO Excel, post receipts in the controlling department easily and efficiently into Microsoft Excel©. Activity recording, statistical ratios, or transfers are recorded and entered with a click of a button!

proCO Excel combines Excel© with your SAP. We provide different Excel work folders for different work areas. Use these to record your items and post as usual. All posting options used in the corresponding SAP transactions remain at your disposal. Account assignment is possible to all CO items: cost center, PSP element, internal commission, customer commission, purchaser, network plan, and COPA result objects.

SAP transactions that can be simplified with proCO Excel:

  • Activity allocation (KB21N)
  • Manual cost allocation (KB15N)
  • Statistical metrics in planned and actual (KB46/ KB31N)
  • Transfer of costs and revenues (KB11N / KB41N)

Use proCO Excel with your SAP

Using Microsoft Excel© as the entry point, all Excel functions can be used for calculating values. Carry over several receipts from one Excel sheet! And benefit from automatic receipt allocation. In SAP, the number of receipt items is highly limited. With proCO Excel, you can record the desired items and the required number of CO-receipts will be allocated automatically when posted. 


  • Use a central recording screen for your CO postings
  • Assign to all account assignment objects from one open Excel folder 


  • Simple, user-friendly
  • Simplifies your periodic postings
  • Less time spent on repeated postings from Excel
  • Receipt elements can be calculated using formulae in Excel
  • Enables easy processing of more datasets on one Excel spreadsheet


  • Use all posting options of the corresponding SAP transactions from one work folder
  • Assign to accounts on the desired CO item
  • Use all usual Excel functionalities such as formulae and formatting
  • Enter several receipts in one Excel spreadsheet - the breakdown of receipts happens automatically 

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