proEB Invoice

The solution for your e-invoice to the government

proEB Invoice, the add-on from proTask, offers the possibility to generate, display, and directly send eb-compliant XML files as an e-invoice. Starting on January 1st, 2014, all parties contracting to the government are obliged to submit e-invoices.

E-invoices must be transferred in the consistent XML format. According to the WKO and the Business Service Portal, PDF invoices are not considered e-invoices, and are no longer accepted by state authorities.

Using a copy of the invoice, an XML file is created automatically. This can be produced as an eb-compliant document using our add-on proEB. This means that legal standards, such as the security of data in archiving systems and the avoidance of manual interference, are avoided. ebInterface is the Austrian invoicing standard. 


  • proEB Invoice for an electronic, structured submission of your invoices to the state
  • Fulfill the legal requirement to send eb-compliant XML files to the state


  • Creation of ebInterface compliant invoices as e-invoices
  • Carried out in the background automatically – or in the front end
  • Cost savings through electronic invoicing


  • The transfer happens by user dialogue and additional documents can also be transferred
  • No manipulation possible since the e-invoice is transferred in its original state and, therefore, fulfills all legal requirements
  • The XML file is also saved on the database, and the original is then archived 

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