proFI Excel

Gather FI receipts online with Microsoft Office Excel©

proFI Excel allows you to create FI receipts in Microsoft Excel©. You can change these as you wish and post them as often as you want into your accounts, directly from Excel. Simplify the processing of repeated FI documents with our integrated solution.

Use the table sheet in Microsoft Excel© as a gathering template for your posting. Postings to G/L accounts, debtors, and creditors - With proFI Excel, you can manage all types of postings in one step. All FB01 transaction fields remain open as well as all Microsoft Excel© functions. This simplifies repeated postings, and receipt elements can be calculated very simply.

Implementation areas for proFI Excel extend from day-to-day postings to receiving open posts or balances in the context of projects to the simple collection of balance and income data. 


With proFI Excel, you post repeated FI receipts with little effort and fulfill the demands of accounting without additional effort


  • Simple, user-friendly
  • Accounting requirements are fulfilled
  • Less time needed on repeated entries from Excel
  • Receipt elements can be calculated using forms in Excel
  • Post several receipts from one Excel spreadsheet


  • Post to G/L accounts, debtors and creditors
  • For FI receipts, all fields of a SAP FB01 transaction are available
  • All usual functionalities in Excel, such as forms and formatting, can be used
  • Data transfer, such as open items from customers and vendors from SAP systems
  • Easy transfer of balance and income data

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