Simplify SEPA payment transactions

Use QR codes on your invoices and make it easier for your customers and partners to pay your receivables. Easily assign incoming payments. The explicit QR code reference is transferred directly into the customer’s payment list.

As an SAP partner, we are able to offer an add-on to your existing solution that allows you to create QR codes and print them on invoices. These QR codes are based on a format develop by Stuzza and are valid in all European payment transactions. Numerous banks have equipped their applications for payment transactions with a QR scanner, which takes the data directly from the QR code into the banking app. This means that payments from customers can be processed and entered easily.

Details / costs

are available in the proQR-Pay B2C product sheet.

Further information is also available on the slides from our event in October, where we presented this solution, among others, briefly in our outlook.


  • Your customer scans the QR code on the invoice or payment notice and the data are taken up automatically by its e-banking app
  • The data are transferred completely – no more erroneous IBAN and BIC entries and no missing payment references
  • You can save yourself the assignment of payments since payments by QR codes include customer and payment references  


  • Simplify payment processes for your customers
  • Use QR codes instead of payment slips in the future. No more searching for incoming payments. Through reliable transfer of customer reference and payment references, your SAP can assign payments itself. 


  • No more erroneous IBAN and BIC entries when paying
  • Invoice can be scanned and paid easily with the bank app
  • Free QR format developed by Stuzza, introduced in Austria
  • QR codes can be included in the SAP solution in reports, SAP scripts, or smart forms

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