The translation platform for your SAP system.

proTranslation offers a central translation platform for your SAP translations in all languages. It simplifies the management of translations using a clear table display, the creation of a dictionary, and simple transfers.

Translation in the SAP environment currently requires expert knowledge and familiarity with SAP. With proTranslation, you can achieve the translation of developments and components. By building up the solution, application and customization data related to a development can be summarized and moved seamlessly.

proTranslation in detail

proTranslation simplifies your translations. A central translation platform with a status window allows you to complete the translation of your application and customizing data. The translation items can be moved directly. Comprehensive movability of terms and tables is guaranteed.

Optimized process

The key feature of proTranslation is the central translation platform. This enables translation in all languages and supports the movement of new and existing translations from customizing and application data. In addition to the clear display of the progress of the translation using color-coding, the translation platform also shows the relationship between the application components, development classes, and tables.


Central recording and saving in the dictionary facilitates translation suggestions from the dictionary, SAP files, and the web. Manual entries are remembered and can be used again automatically. The dictionary shows all available translations and creates lists when translations are missing, so that your automatic translations grow in tandem with your requirements.


proTranslation offers the possibility of changing the data and the dictionary using downloads and uploads in Excel. This is also available offline. 


  • Simplify translations using a central translation platform with status windows and a translation memory and ensure the complete movability of terms and tables


  • Translations can be performed all in one place
  • A central dictionary simplifies the translation process and guarantees consistent terminology
  • Clarity on the progress of the translations through a status window and the number of missing entries in the central overview window
  • Offline editing in Excel increases flexibility – no SAP knowledge and no SAP permissions necessary


  • Use a central translation platform with transport function and automatic translation features
  • Select targeted data through entry of application components, development classes, or tables
  • Process translations offline through seamless upload and download functionality

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