Check your business partner’s EORI numbers directly in the system

The proEORI add-in from proTask uses the EU web service to check EORI numbers. In addition to the option to check EORIs manually, you can define exact points in time in your SAP system by which the EORI numbers should be checked.

On July 1st, 2009, the EORI (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number) was introduced. This is an EU-unique customs number for your business, which is compulsory to declare in all customs affairs.

Ensure the quality of your customs documentation by asking for your business partner’s EORI number in advance. Invalid EORI numbers cause delays in the customs process in the EU, so check the EORI easily in advance and save time and money together with the all parties involved in the customs process.

Check your business partner’s EORI quickly when processing many orders or define points in the process by which the EORI must be checked and confirmed.

The European Commission has provided an internet service for checking EORI numbers. With proEORI, you can cross-check all numbers against this web service automatically and, thus, carry out important corrections in advance. Determine precise points in the process by which EORI numbers are to be checked such as when taking on a new business partner or cataloguing a goods issue posting.


Different modes of operation

  • Check whether EORI numbers of your current business partner are valid with one click
  • Start the EORI number check report in regular periods
  • Integrate the automatic screening of EU-wide customs numbers in your business processes (e.g., when taking on a business partner or processing a goods issue posting)

Always the most up-to-date data

  • Always up-to-date – connection to the web service guarantees that the EORI is up-to-date

proUID is available as a plug and play solution. It’s installed easily as a transport request. There are no implementation costs other than the single license fee.

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  • One click and you know if your business partner’s EORI numbers are valid
  • Automatic screening of EORI numbers as part of the process


  • Correct data saves time, just have your EORI numbers checked automatically


  • Use different execution times
  • Always up-to-date – connection to the website guarantees the most up-to-date EORI numbers
  • Record all changes that have been carried out

Technical information

  • 100% ABAP development, installation follows transport
  • No third-party software needed
  • The outgoing web connection can be achieved directly from the ERP via a proxy server or SAP PI
  • A report for manual mass-screening is included
  • Functional components and statistical methods enable implementation in any desired SAP transactions or in your own reports

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