Registering petty cash in SAP

With ProKassa proTask is offering an easy and intuitive solution for registering petty cash, which are attached to SAP in a simple way.

The proKassa Tool is a straightforward Tool, which matches the requirements of the Austrian legislative and supports the following functions:

  • Gathering of the cash desk receiving
  • Gathering of the cash desk expenses
  • Consideration of the recently transacted bookings (as cash journals)
  • Display of all products and their descriptions
  • Classification of transactions and Clients
  • Printout of postings with QR-Code
  • Reversal of documents
  • Construction of a daily conclusion
  • Optional connection to SAP-ISU (contract account)
  • Direct posting to SAP-FI
  • Maintenance of master and product data directly in SAP


  • Compliance of legal requirements (Austrian cash register obligation)
  • Direct and secure SAP connection via oData Service
  • User-oriented surface


  • Easy to learn and handle
  • Compatible for different devices
  • Mobile applicable 


  • Compatible for HTML5 capable Browser
  • Suitable for Tablets, Notebooks, Desktop-Computer
  • Realization as a FIORI App
  • SAP application with communication to FIORI App via OData Services
  • English and German version in available – further languages are upgradeable 

The Software for cash registering, proKassa, can be used intuitively and is easily learnable. Generally spoken the Software follows the motto “less is more”, therefore, the operating elements of the Fiori Apps are reduced to their minimum to help simplify and accelerate tasks.

ProKasse can be used on the Desktop by mouse and keyboard, as well as on Tablets by touch input systems. Therefore, the layout adapts automatically to any device. Every modern Browser supporting HTML 5 is suitable to use the cash registering software proKassa.

Data like customer base, material master, products and prices are maintained directly in SAP. For Austria the connection to signature units will be implemented via web service. Although the App fulfills the Austrian legislative requirements, the App can be all over the world.

proKassa is flexibly operable and suitable for different device types, as well as a secure and full featured access to SAP table content. 

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