Better overview with proKenn

proKenn provides data for business development at the touch of a button. It presents your day to day business information reliably, and the pre-programmed KPI system guarantees a straightforward, fast, and economical implementation.

The solution from proTask for defining and evaluating KPIs in SAP. KPIs are essential as they serve as instruments to control and guide your business. Therefore, they should be adapted as quickly as possible to the business. With proKenn, KPIs can be defined individually. With this solution, reports are always available to help with decision-making and contain up-to-date numbers and data.

A simple solution:

proKENN has the basic functionalities of SAP’s “Measure Builder” for defining KPIs and, therefore, works well without the introduction of SAP’s Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM). Introducing the solution takes no more than a week and includes installation, implementation, and training on site.

proKenn works with all releases of SAP R/3.

The short implementation time is achieved as some reports are already integrated into the solution such as consolidated balance sheet, return on sales, equity ratio, and debt ratio, among others. 


  • Use an efficient KPI system, integrated into SAP, easy to implement, and can be tailored to your requirements
  • No need for SEM, Measure Builder, and Balanced Scorecard since you can use the tailored KPIs that we generate for you


  • Day-to-day, accurate, and reliable analysis
  • Integrated into SAP without a separate interface
  • Available on and offline


  • Easy to use and implement
  • KPIs only need to be defined once
  • Simple to compare – create evaluations for interim analysis and reports at the touch of a button

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