SAP training

As SAP experts, we are happy to pass our knowledge on to you. In addition to training in SAP training centers, we also offer our own training, either at our in-house training center or on site with you.

Individual client training

We are also happy to provide individual training. An initial conversation will determine the target group and the desired key points. We can then offer you a customized course. Give your employees targeted training on a small scale.

proTask courses

On request, we also offer our standard package courses. Our portfolio expands according to your requirements. Contact us to find out more – without any obligation.

ABAP introductory course

Do you need an ABAP course for beginners? Learn from our experienced programmers:

  • ABAP short introduction
  • Basic functions and commands
  • Recommendation for guidelines for comments on code
  • Programming with ABAP using a test case
  • Testing ABAP developments
  • Dealing with error reports
  • Transportation management

ABAP advanced course

Do you already know your way around ABAP? Expand your knowledge with our ABAP advanced course:

  • Object-orientated programming vs. standard ABAP
  • Readable programming – basic guidelines
  • Using the ABAP de-bugger
  • Optimization of workflows: ST05 and SE30 for performance checks
  • Standard tables for each module
  • Frequently required enhancement points, BAPIs, and CMOD
  • Important points: open questions from course participants

Reporting course

Do you want to create and adjust analyses yourself? Learn how FI and CO reporting works with Report Painter and Report Writer, how to enter KE30 CO reports correctly, and how to use FG14, FG15, FG16 transactions to access your FI data.

  • Which tools are available for creating reports and queries?
  • When should you use these tools?
  • When is it worth appointing external SAP consultants?
  • FI and CO reporting: enter, change, and display reports and forms yourself
  • Create quick views and queries quickly and easily

New general ledger – insight and overview

Do you want to inform yourself about the new general ledger? Do you need to know what’s different in the new general ledger? Do you want to see if it’s worth implementing the new general ledger?

Learn more in our course “New general ledger – insight and overview”.

  • How does the integration of FI and CO work in real time?
  • How can parallel reporting according to the different international standards like FER, IFRS, and US GAAP be implemented with the new general ledger?
  • New functions and dimensions:
    • What do we mean by dimensions?
    • Which other dimensions (such as profit center, segment, and function area) can be used?
    • Functions used for evaluation after cost of sales process
    • Creating (additional) account balances for, e.g., profit center and segments

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