SAP Consulting for all modules

Are you looking for a competent, experienced SAP consultant? Our staff have over 10 years of SAP experience on average, covering projects in all sectors. Be it support for your SAP Business One or for your SAP ERP Business Suite, we are your partner.

When providing support for SAP ERP Business Suite (also known as SAP R\3), proTask covers complete modules and is happy to assist you along with your requirements. Below is a description of the individual modules along with their functions.

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The accounting modules incorporate a number of aspects alongside internal and external accounting functions such as financial management (treasury), business controlling, investor management, and real estate and project management.

Central functions in accounting, such as book keeping and controlling, are in the FI (accounting) and CO (controlling) modules. Further modules, such as TR (treasury), EC (enterprise controlling), and IM (investment management), round off the SAP ERP Business Suite.

Financial Accounting

The module FI stands for financial accounting. It covers all internal accounting processes such as:

  • General Ledger Accounting(GL)
  • Bank accounting (BL)
  • Accounts payable accounting(AP)
  • Accounts receivable accounting (AR)
  • Contract accounts receivable and payable (CA)
  • Consolidation (LC)
  • Travel management (TV)
  • Special Ledger (SL)


The Controlling Module (CO) enables you to retrace your cost calculations. The functions of the module include:

  • Product cost controlling (PC)
  • Overheads calculation (OM) with cost-type and cost-point calculation, operating cost calculation as well as overheads overheads and projects
  • Profitability analysis (PA)
  • Business controlling, profit center calculation (PCA) and consolidation (CS)


The logistics module covers the whole process from purchase, materials and utilization planning to ordering, production, and delivery, including invoicing. The modules cover many relevant aspects of the process alongside materials management (MM), production planning (PP), sales (SD), warehouse management, shipping and transport (LE). For example: plant maintenance (PM), environment, health, and safety (EHS) management, quality management (QM), customer service (CS), general logistics (LO), warehouse management (WM), and product lifecycle management (PLM). 

Human resource management

Human resource management is becoming increasingly important in companies today. In addition to the record of the working hours of each employee and professional processing of the payroll, other factors are becoming more important such as professional development. SAP HCM provides the following modules:

 SAP HCM delivers the following modules:

  • Payroll (PY)
  • Personnel management (PA)
  • Personell time management (PT)
  • Trainining and event management (PE)
  • Personell development (PD)
  • Cost planning (CP)

Our employees are also experienced in cross-application components such as constructing workflows (WF) or solutions for individual industries such as the industry solution (IS) SAP for Mill Products (IS – Mill). 

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